What Happens During the Witching Hour?


There is a belief that there are supernatural activities that occur during the witching hour. Witches, demons and ghosts are said to appear at this time. The witching hour is the hour immediately after midnight and between three and four a.m. In this article, we'll look at some of the events that may take place at this time of day. If you're wondering what these events are, read on!
The witching hour began being recorded as early as 1793. People believed that this was the time when the veil between life and death was thinest and therefore the spirits could travel between the worlds. Some people thought that this was the hour that bad things would happen, and in fact, it has been mentioned in Shakespeare's play, Hamlet. However, the witching hour may have origins in a variety of different beliefs. For example, there are many folk tales about witches that take place at these hours.
Although the term "witching hour" is often associated with Halloween and the Halloween season, it's also known as the "Devil's hour". The name is a misnomer for the time when Jesus died. As early as 1775, the phrase was used in poetry, including Rev. Matthew West's poem "Night, an Ode."
The reason why babies experience the witching hour is unknown, but there are several reasons why it occurs. Some believe that it is a natural part of development while others believe it's caused by excessive stimulation, overstimulation and tiredness. Regardless of the cause, experts agree that there are 4 factors that contribute to the phenomenon. The first one is your baby's body's milk-making hormone decreasing throughout the day. When it decreases, the baby's milk supply is compromised, leading to cluster feeding during the witching hour.
During the witching hour, you can help your baby to calm down. Babies can tell if their caregivers are stressed, frazzled or otherwise uneasy. If you're frazzled and agitated, they'll likely act in a worrying manner. To help your baby cope with the chaos, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you're the best parent. You are the best parent for your baby, and this time of the day can make your life a little easier.
The third Friday of every month marks the witching hour, the last trading hour before a derivative contract expires. Historically, the triple witching hour is when stock index futures and options expire at the same time. This time is especially volatile because many large institutions and high-level professional traders use this time to trade. There are even quadruple witching hours, which occur on the third Friday of every quarter. This is due to the large number of options and futures expiring at the same time. What is the witching hour?, to leran more, click here.
Knowing the witching hour ahead of time can help you make plans for the effects it may have on your future. You can read up on the definitions of options and futures to learn more about how to prepare for the inevitable. In addition to this, knowing your witching hour will help you avoid any potential problems and make the most of every opportunity. The following are a few of the best examples of how to deal with a witching hour.
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